HEIDI REAGAN holds the space for your own inherent creativity to emerge. A transformational leader, Heidi is able to see your personal illumination and help you shift into who you already are (and always have been). It doesn’t matter if you may have overlooked or forgotten your inner powers. It is within this chaos of uncertainly, self-doubt, confusion and even despair, that the creative forces of change reside. Heidi is the Insightful Muse with pragmatic tools, fine-honed over ten years of practice, research and development, that you can use to guide and change your own destiny.

As co-founder of Wake Up Women and an author, Heidi took her collection of women’s short stories to top 10 status on BarnesandNoble.com in 2006 and wrote another story for the best selling team authored book for women titled, A Juicy Joyful Life.

As the founder and creative mind behind Establish Balance Intention Jewelry, which developed from her quest to blend her love for art with her knowledge of the Law of Attraction principles, and as the owner of Just Breezables, a wearable art clothing line, Heidi’s entrepreneurial experience prepared her to assist others with their life transitions.

Heidi is a certified life coach, a Silva Mind facilitator and an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator.  Her specialty is working with men and women through life transitions helping to connect them with bigger possibilities. Finding balance and establishing boundaries have been Heidi’s life lessons. Spiritual growth and studies have been her passion and her life purpose is to live with strength and clarity.

No 7 B&N Bestseller
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